Building a new raised bed garden from scratch is no easy undertaking, especially when you're talking about 30 boxes!  We are however, well underway and should complete construction next week. Most of the boxes are 4x12 feet and at least one foot deep.  Step one was to level out the site, dig in 8x8 inch landscpe timbers around the perimeter and lay ground cloth before installing the boxes.  Next, the beds were strategically place around a centrally located ash tree, then filled with a mixture of clean composted soil and a bit of peat moss. Despite being late February, we were blessed with two days of 50+ degree temperatures and were able to complete the fianl step...a layer of beautiful gray peastone around the beds.  We also added a 40 foot long asparagus bed along the northeast facing perimeter timbers.  Check out the attached photos. DSC_1075 DSC_1076 DSC_1080

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