I dig my potatoes with an crooked beat up fork.  It was a good old tool with lots of character, but when we moved to the new/old house (built in 1710) the fork was lost.  I'll blame it on the junk removal guys.  When they cleaned out part of the garage, I'm sure they took one quick look at the fork and made the understandable decision...this has got to go. I like digging spuds with a fork versus a shovel or spade, so off to the local antique mall I went.  The mall is in an old mill building in Norwood, MA and is absolutely loaded with old stuff, everything from artwork to furniture to farm tools and beyond.  You might call a lot of it chunk, but if you're patient and have a keen eyed you can find a treasure here and there. It didn't take too long before I found what I was looking for, and the good news is it was on sale...half off. Instead of paying $30 or more at fancy garden center or at a box store like Home Depot, I peeled off a whopping two $1 bills and bought another beat up fork with a bent tine and a bunch of character.DSC_1161 Take it from me, farm and garden tools are just like people, they seem to work much better if they have experience.

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