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Garden Care When Your Not There

Without having done a formal study or put together a scientific poll, it seems to us at Agora Gardens there are three main reasons people don’t have a garden: “It’s too much work” “I go away for a couple of weeks in the summer and when I come home, the garden is a mess” “I’m SO busy at work” These are legitimate concerns, but at Agora Gardens, we have legitimate solutions. Building and maintaining a raised bed garden is very easy.  Boxes that are filled with weed free composted soil and covered with organic black mulch require very little weeding, and when people talk about “too much work” they are generally talking about weeding.  Of course, no garden is totally weed free, but staying on top of the problem is half the battle. All kinds of bad things can happen to your garden if you go on vacation for a week or two.  That nice eight inch zucchini about to ripen on August 1st, will look like a Louisville Slugger when you come home on August 15th!  Your herb beds will be so full of weeds that your thyme and parsley will be hard to find amongst the clover and dandelion greens. The solution to both these problems, and whatever else that may need tending to, belongs with Agora Gardens.  Our team of skilled gardeners will come in wherever and whenever needed to keep your garden healthy and looking great while you are away.  Not only will we carefully tend to the flowers and plants you so lovingly raised from seed, but we will also harvest crops before they grow “woody” and old.  There is nothing worse than biting into string beans and limas that have lingered too long on the vine! We will do whatever you like with harvested crops: save them for your return, make them available to friends and neighbors, or even donate them to your local food bank.  

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Lastly, we caution against giving these tasks to your landscaping crew.  They may be very good at cutting the lawn and trimming the hedge, but a few size 11 boots will do some serious damage to a bed of young “cut and come again” lettuce heads. Let our caring gardeners do the job right. “Garden Care When You’re Not There” is more than a marketing slogan.  We are passionate about the care we give our own gardens and will treat yours just the same.  Please contact us about the construction or maintenance of your garden.

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