Freight Farms

DSC_1109DSC_1117 Agora Gardens and Ian Brown Landscaping have joined forces in our new venture called Agora Greens.  We have joined the Freight Farms community and we are very excited about this new development. Freight Farms, is a Boston based start up company that refurbishes shipping containers into super productive hydroponic growing systems. Moving back and forth across the world’s oceans can be rough on shipping containers and, overtime, some breakage is bound to occur. When the complex refrigeration units on containers is damaged, it is sometimes more cost effective to build new ones rather than repair the old ones. This is where Freight Farms steps in. They recycle the damaged containers and retro fit them into “farms” loaded with technology. Called LGMs (Leafy Green Machines), the containers can produce as much as 5,000 heads of lettuce every seven weeks, all year long! We also grow a variety of herbs and other leafy vegetables, such as spinach, Swiss chard, kale, etc. Everything is grown from seed in a totally stable and ultra clean environment. No matter where the Freight Farm container is located, be it near the Arctic Circle or along the Equator, growing conditions inside are ideal and produce super healthy and tasty foods. DSC_1119DSC_1114 Agora Greens has placed our first Freight Farms container at a site in Walpole, MA. On day one we planted 600 bibb lettuce seeds as well as 400 Red Russian kale seeds. We will be planting on a weekly basis in order to insure a steady harvest throughout the year…even in the dead of winter! Ours is a very efficient growing system and we are happy to have visitors stop by see what the future of food production looks like. Please call David or Ian at Agora Gardens and they will make all the arrangements. DSC_1120DSC_1108