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Middlesex Green Garden DSC_1020 One important leg of our business is the development of gardens for businesses, schools, communities, homes, churches, etc.  If your eastern Massachusetts based company can provide the space, Agora will come in and oversee the design, construction, seeding, maintenance and harvesting of your garden project.  Whether you want a couple of raised beds in the backyard or a hundred to supplement youimages-2r company cafeteria, we are here to help.   A garden program is a natural complement to the many wellness/green initiatives that are being established in companies across the country.   Here in the Boston area, "Locally grown","organic" and "sustainable" are terms not necessarily limited to those in the restaurant and food production industries.  Employers who build organic gardens will see a happier workplace and probably some nice press coverage in an appreciative community. DSC_0465 DSC_1023 Talk about team building and a great morale booster!  Build a few raised beds and let the fun begin as business units vie for the tastiest tomatoes.  Administration vs Sales vs Accounting vs Research, etc. all do battle in their own assigned beds.  We certainly know that good chefs and cafeteria managers love to have fresh produce growing right on campus. Maybe the company wants to donate their harvests to local charities or to allow schoolchildren to help with the gardens in order to learn that food comes from the ground, not simply from boxes and cans.  Be creative and you will come up with dozens of ways for onsite gardens to become a great benefit to the company and the communities in which they operate.  


photo 4 copy 3 Having an Agora garden at home is great.  Our raised beds are easy to build and maintain.  Whether you have a small space in a Boston suburb like Wellesley or Dedham and just want a couple of beds or are considering a full blown project with 50+ beds, we are here to help.  Either way the benefits are the same: fresh organically grown produce, a family venture that gets you into America's number one pastime, an asset that improves the value of your property, and the chance to do some affordable landscape design on your own terms. Agora Gardens are also a wonderful fit for condominium and apartment buildings.  A garden project is a low cost benefit to residents and a selling point for realtors and managers that is fresh and unusual. DSC_0130Tomatoes   Above all else, raised bed gardening is really fun!  Call or e-mail us and we'll get you growing as soon as possible.  

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