Backyard Chickens

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Whether you have several acres or just a small urban plot, chickens make a great addition to a sustainable lifestyle. Believe it or not, they are wonderful pets with different personalities, are beneficial to composting programs for gardeners and best of all, they are steady producers of organic healthy eggs. Once you decide to invest the time and energy to start a backyard chicken program, there are a number of things you need to know and some helpful tips to make this new venture successful. Continue reading...

I don't know Alex Layton.  I know his parents quite well and Alex is their son.  I guess I call all my friend's children "kids", no matter how old they are.  After watching the attached video, you too will realize that Alex is more than a kid.  He is a young man with a boatload of talent, a battle ahead of him and an admirable outlook on life.  I look forward to meeting someday.      

Tomato Tips

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I’m guessing that tomatoes are the most popular home grown vegetable in the country. The store bought variety can’t hold a candle to a tomato plucked right off the vine in your own garden. As good as they are, growing tomatoes at home can sometimes be a hit or miss proposition as weather, pests and diseases all play a factor in the success or failure of your plantings. With that in mind, here are a few tips that will certainly improve your chances of producing a bumper crop this season: Continue reading...

Grass Clippings

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This is the time of year when lawns really thrive. Here in Massachusetts, the wet spring has put a lot of moisture in the ground and when the sun comes out and throws down some heat, grass seems to explode. Mowing the lawn once a week is the norm and then the question is what to do with all those clippings. The answer is recycling. Continue reading...

Today is May 1, 2014. Here in eastern Massachusetts,  it is about 52 degrees, mostly cloudy and very little wind.  There couldn't possibly be a better day to begin the hardening off process which is so critical to a successful season.  For those of you who started your plants from seed back in March and April, now is the time to get them outside, even if it's only for an hour or two. Tomato plants at about seven weeks.images-3

Asparagus Recipe

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The asparagus in our garden have just broken through...the little spear heads are less than an inch tall, but there are a lot of them!  By the middle of May we'll be eating it three or four days a week and starting to hope for something else to come along. For those of you who face the same dilemma year after year, here's a thought.  Why not try pickling some of the season's early and abundant asparagus crop? Continue reading...