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Home gardening is the number one hobby in the United States. If you are a “foodie” is there anything more satisfying than walking out your back door, picking a juicy red tomato and enjoying that sweet flavor? It is a rare treat. Here in New England, it is something we only get to experience in July, August and September, but it sure is worth it! When you go to the grocery store in the dead of winter and the tomato package says “Vine Ripened and Tastes like Summer”, don’t you believe it! Agora Garden Co. would like to help everyone who enjoys gardening to become better at what they do. This site will help show you how to begin your garden journey: what to grow, when to start seeds, the best type of soil, how to compost, where to buy great garden tools and on and on and on. We are not just for beginners either. As any seasoned gardener will tell you, there is never an end to this game. Learning from others and sharing your own knowledge is all part of the deal. Have a question, need some problem solving, want a new idea for next season...visit and get connected.  The best way to start is by clicking on the tab, David's Blog. Here you will find a variety of informative and entertaining posts. Some are educational, some are funny, and some have absolutely nothing to do with gardening but will get you thinking about life itself.  Remember our tagline: A Guide to Super Productive Gardening.  The more we share our experiences with each other, the better our gardens will become. One critical and often overlooked part of a good garden program is recordkeeping. The only way your garden is going to improve year after year is by knowing what worked and what didn’t from one season to the next. Successful growers take copious notes and we want to make this a fun part of the process. In the coming months we will develop an application  through which you will easily and efficiently be able to track your highs and lows, and learn from your mistakes. Want to add to your wellness initiatives at work or do some corporate team building?  We can show you how to establish an employee managed garden project right at the company site. It’s a great morale booster and a big hit with the cafeteria managers and chefs. Build a few raised boxes and let the fun begin as sales vs administration vs accounting vs research etc., battle it out for the tastiest tomatoes. This is also a great way to get involved in the community.  We also build custom designed raised garden beds for homes and condominiums.  Whether you are considering a single box or a whole bunch of them, an asparagus bed or a melon patch, we will work with you from construction to harvest time. To learn more, click on the tab Company and Home Gardens. For maintenance of either home or company gardens, our program called "Garden Care When You're Not There" is designed to help manage your way to season after season of successful gardening. From day to day management, or for those who need occasional help during vacation or other times away from the garden, we can help.  Company employees can't be expected to spend half their time working in the garden (although many would like to!)  Agora Garden's trained staff can step in whenever you need us. Click on the tab for Garden Care When You're Not There to learn  more about this service.

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