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We build beautiful raised bed gardens and many other types of gardens to suit your home or business gardening needs.

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Where We Got Our Gardening Roots

Organic gardening is nothing new. Back in prehistoric times when systemized forms of agriculture were first developed, growers simply figured out what worked best and that was that. It was organic, but no one knew it at the time and the word itself wouldn’t come into being for thousands of years.

So-called “inorganic” methods of farming really began around the beginning of the 20th century. Synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, and mechanized farm implements changed the way we grew things. Along with the positive benefits of increased productivity, there were some serious detrimental, even fatal side effects. Remember the pesticide DDT?

After World War II, J.J. Rodale and others urged both farmers and home growers to get back to what they called organic gardening. Today, that term has evolved into the entire “green revolution” of locally grown and sustainable agriculture. It can all be summed up in two quotes from author Michael Pollen:

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

“Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”

What Agora Gardens Does

At Agora Gardens, we want to help everyone interested in gardening to start out the right way and to build an appreciation for a lifetime of healthy living. It doesn’t matter if you have several acres to work with or simply a patio with a couple of containers, we can show you how to begin your garden project in a productive and sustainable way.

And this doesn’t just apply to individuals. Here in the Boston area, there are thousands of companies, both in the city and out in the suburbs that should be growing organic foods in their own gardens. It requires very little space and is a wonderful benefit to employees pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Companies that partner with Agora Gardens understand the importance of wellness initiatives, of supporting a “green” environment and of being good citizens of the communities in which they operate.

Along with building gardens, Agora will also help maintain these assets through educational programs, hands on care and assistance, and consulting services. While there may be other companies competing with us for you business, no one can match the commitment and care we put into every project we take on. Contact us at Agora Gardens and let’s get started!